Compound Medication and the claRx Guarantee

Posted by The claRx Content Team on Apr 3, 2020 2:00:00 PM
The claRx Content Team
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Compounding refers to the process of customizing medications by a professional pharmacist to address the specific needs of an individual patient. This is especially helpful when commercially available medications contain an unwanted inactive ingredient, or are not easy to find, not effective, or not available. It is an encompassing process, allowing pharmacists to alter, combine, or mix various ingredients to create medications not available by manufacturers.


Who can compound a medication?

Medications are always compounded with a pharmacist's oversight. The process generally takes place in a pharmacy compounding lab.  At claRx Big Country Dermatology we stay up-to-date with laws, regulations, and best practices in order to provide patients with great compounded dermatology medication.


Is there is a guarantee for the safety of compounded medication?

Compounded medications are not regulated by the FDA, so the question might arise whether these drugs are safe for use. In general, compounded prescription drugs do not pose any health risks to the patients using them outside of general side affects associated with the active ingredient. Our professionals producing compounded medications are experienced and skilled. We go above and beyond what is required to ensure safe and consistent medications are being compounded for patients.


The claRx Compounding Guarantee

We create high quality compounds in a controlled environment that produces cost effective solutions. We Guarantee our dermatology compounds to be delivered to the patient within 1 week of verifying the patients information and receiving payment, or the compound is FREE!

If you've never tried the claRx difference now you can, risk-free. Make sure your patients have the best compounds available for some of the lowest cost period.

We offer a Try 3 Free program. Every provider can send 3 compounds on or commonly compounded medication list and include a note "Try 3 Free" and those compounds will be dispensed to the patient absolutely free. 

Try Risk-Free


Also, now until August 31st, 2020 we're offering $20 off any compounded medication for your patients! Get the coupon here.


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