Top Ten Online Tools For Dermatology Clinics

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The 21st century has made things a lot easier for all of us. Across all walks of life, the advent and continued widespread of the internet continues to be an important milestone in human history. There are so many online tools that make so many professions and jobs more comfortable to do due to the kind of assistance they offer. Indeed, the field of dermatology is not left out as several tools have been developed to help the professionals carry out their duties with little to no effort. We are going to highlight and briefly discuss some of these tools.

DermatologistOnCall is an online tool that is very useful for dermatology clinics. When it comes to giving medical attention to a skin condition, this tool ranks high because it is a round-the-clock platform that provides consultations that are not only professional but also approved by board-certified dermatologists. This tool can be accessed with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and it can diagnose over 3,000 skin conditions that include eczema, psoriasis, acne, and a host of others. Once you upload a photo of the skin condition, it runs the diagnosis and sends you a personalized treatment plan in just a day.

This tool is another platform that helps dermatology clinics do their job with relative ease. It runs an anonymous and quick review of a patient's skin condition with professional consultation made by board-certified dermatologists within 24 hours. The tool can also be accessed both on a PC and a smartphone. All you have to do is upload a photo of the skin condition and pay a $40, after which the diagnosis will be run.

Eczema Tracker
The Eczema Tracker is an app developed by Nav Gosal, a dermatologist, and he has used it to manage his son's eczema, asthma, and food allergies for several years. He has made it available for patients with similar issues, thereby reducing the workload of dermatology clinics.

Some of the things you can check through the platform include pollen, temperature, and mold, but, more importantly, it helps to track the flare-up of eczema. The function of this tool goes a bit further as it also provides you how you can manage and control all these conditions.

When it comes to diagnostic accuracy, there are very few other platforms that are on the level of VisualDx. The application boasts of almost 2000 hospitals, clinics, as well as medical schools that use it to diagnose conditions and facilitate positive patient outcomes. The support it renders for diagnosis processes across various dermatology clinics is unmatched. You can search by signs, symptoms, patient factors, and it makes use of several thousand images as well as graphics speed comparison to give a final opinion on every skin condition. No doubt, this tool is the perfect tool for diagnosis validation for every dermatology clinic out there.

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Dermatology Atlas
Some skin problems could outsmart and frustrate even dermatologists. This tool helps them to deal with situations like that by providing them an easy way to understand such conditions better. The Dermatology Atlas is one that can be relied on by dermatology clinics any time, any day, when they reach a deadlock in the course of managing any skin condition. As the name implies, the online tool is an atlas that features different cases of skin problems with images as well as treatment options.

iDoc24 is an online tool that boasts of over 20,000 skin problems that are submitted all over the world. It makes the work of dermatology clinics easier when it comes to examining and diagnosing skin conditions. The tool is available in over 160 countries and can be accessed in 7 different languages. It delivers top-notch and accurate results, and the response time is short. In a matter of hours, diagnosis is run, and treatment plans provided. Their customer service is also 24/7 reliable. It makes things a lot easier for not only the dermatologist but also the patient that would have had to wait hours in the clinic for an examination.

oDerm is like the perfect online tool for dealing with acne. It lets dermatologists have less burden and responsibility on their shoulders as anyone affected by the condition can access it. The platform provides consultations that come from board-certified dermatologists. Unfortunately, its services are restricted to individual states, which are California, Florida, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio. To receive a treatment plan and prescriptions to help deal with the condition, you will be required to pay $59.

This tool is a web-based platform that offers dermatology EHR through documentation, 3D, PQRS dashboard, and anatomical maps, just to mention a few. It is an online tool that every dermatology clinic can use to reduce the amount of work they would otherwise do. However, there is not a free version of the tool, and it does not allow free trial. 

DermUtopia is another option for dermatology clinics as it provides consultations by board-certified dermatologists. The platform can be accessed both on a PC and a smartphone. The application also comes in both iOS and Android. The process is simple – just upload the skin condition, and you will be attended to within three days. However, this comes at the cost of $69. Disappointingly, however, the platform only covers Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

First Derm
First Derm is an online tool developed by the same team that created iDoc24. Therefore, the two platforms are quite similar in terms of functionality. It is a must-have for every dermatology clinic as it gives access for diagnosis to a dermatologist through a connected device. All a patient has to do is send photos of the skin problem to a licensed dermatologist that is connected through the app anonymously. Afterward, the photos will be assessed and reviewed in not more than 24 hours after submission.

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